A Handful of Kuestions with Kustom Klaws


Kustom Klaws is owned and operated by former Perth burlesque babe Kenjai, once described by themusic.com.au as having “unashamed swagger”.

Before opening her own business, Kenjai was an international multi-award winning pin-up and burlesque performer. She toured around the world at events including the London Burlesque Festival, Galway Burlesque Festival Ireland, Slavic Burlesque Festival Poland, the New Zealand Burlesque Festival and the Australian Burlesque Festival.

Kenjai has also performed with cabaret troupes in Malta, Paris, and Hamburg.   

After a hugely successful year in 2017, touring the world as a burlesque performer, Kenjai decided to put burlesque on the back burner to focus on her nail career. And so, Kustom Klaws was born..

Kenjai is a qualified nail technician with a Cert III in Nail Technology.  In 2017, Kenjai began working from her home based salon. In May of 2018, Kustom Klaws opened doors inside Bronze Bombshell Beauty in Claremont. The business quickly boomed and Kenjai was awarded MULTIPLE prestigious State and National awards for her nail art!

Through her business, Kenjai is committed to providing a high quality service with custom nail art.

We spoke to the boss babe herself, and asked her a handful of kuestions about klaws…

Tell our lovely readers about your fabulous business – how are you different from other nail salons?

Kustom Klaws is a multi award winning, boutique nail salon specialising in custom nails. We focus on high level service and exquisite nails.

Do you think nails are also part of a burlesque performer’s costume?

Definitely! I'll never forget, years before I did Nails, I watched an elite international performer. During her whole act, I was distracted by her broken nail! Silly I know... but the fine details complete a look. It's about being polished from head to toe.

If someone has never had their nails done – do you think they should they try a bit of bling at least once?

A feature nail is a great gateway drug for nail crystals. Just try a few on a feature nail. Before you know it, you'll be hooked and rocking a full crystal set.

I’ve seen some of your work – and it takes nail art to the next level! What’s been your most outrageous creation or request?

Yikes! We do so many crazy nails. Nail art and extreme nails is what we specialise in. Some freak out at our encapsulated real snake skin nails. We do those quite often.


All three of our PIBF Headliners are going to get talons from Kustom Klaws – Sweetpea, Chris and Jazida – if you had free rein, what looks would you create for them?

I'd love to create a look for each using inspiration from one of their signature acts.

Want your own set of Kustom Klaws?

Kustom Klaws don’t just do nail art,- you can also get manicures, custom acrylics, pedicures, press on nails and vegan manicures!

As of May 2019 Kustom Klaws opened the doors of their first salon at 1004 Beaufort Street Inglewood! Book in online Monday - Saturday, 9am - 9pm (By Appointment Only, babes!)