Performer Spotlight

The performers in our lineup are fabulous people to watch and stare at in awe (we KNOW you will in October) - but they’re not just pretty faces!

We threw then under the spotlight to get some answers from them which will make you love them more (and cheer louder, or maybe make awkward eye contact!)

Camilla Cream by BrigBee Photography

Camilla Cream by BrigBee Photography

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I was born into a travelling circus in the 1830s, the year isn't clear exactly as records are foggy. I was the youngest sword swallower in the world, with a pet tiger named rex and a pretty hefty weight lifting addiction... Or maybe it's that I have a wonderful imagination... Or that this acid hasn't worn off yet...”
- Bettie Bombshell

“I have been really lucky that burlesque has taken me all around the country. I have performed in nearly every state and territory in Australia - only Northern Territory left to go!” - Camilla Cream

“Once upon a time, I used to be a cinema projectionist! I worked with 35mm film until digital took over (I blame James Cameron).” - Cello Bordello

“I did my first official burlesque striptease at 45 years old, I found out shortly after whilst googling my family that my great-great-grandmother Bessie Sudlow was a burlesque performer in the mid-1800s and toured with the British Blondes! My family had kept that part of her very successful career quiet. I can’t help but feel that burlesque is in my blood, it was unavoidable!” - Michael Wheatley

Bobbie Sox photographed by Chayla Taylor

Bobbie Sox photographed by Chayla Taylor

“Keep a secret, I'm a real-life mermaid!
Ok, it's no secret I am a total water baby and every year I shout it from the rooftops about how lucky I am to be a part of the Perth Fringe World Mermaid team!” - Lucy Lovegun

“I consider myself an adventurous artist, ready to risk everything for what I love - even moving away from my home country Mexico to move to France! I wanted to show to the whole world my work, learn from the best and share the stage with them.” - Teresa Rugo

"I was a 2-time state champion horse rider in my younger years!” - Bobbie Sox

What are you looking forward to most about PIBF?

“I am most looking forward to joining this incredible festival! I have never had the opportunity to perform with the Perth Burlesque Festival because I have always been somewhere else! You know... on tour with my show the After Hours Cabaret Club, in prison with pending charges for stalking Elton John, or just in a gutter somewhere with Kelly ann Doll recovering from the night before. It's just all going go go over at Bombshell HQ! No, but in all seriousness, I have always wanted to be a part of the festivities in Perth and the minute I saw PIBF was happening again I applied straight away!” - Bettie Bombshell

“Performing in PIBF has been a little dream of mine since I was a burlesque baby. I am really looking forward to meeting and sharing the stage with headliner Chris O (complete ballet crush!) and seeing all my burly friends I made last year during Perth Fringe. Also to perform a much-loved act, that I took to Perth for the Miss Burlesque Australia Grand Final last year, and really show how it has evolved and become more Camilla.” - Camilla Cream

Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers

“I'm looking forward to visiting one of my favourite cities and catching up with all the burlesque performers. Also, I'm really looking forward to performing an aerial act in the Astor theatre.” - Cello Bordello

“As a touring artist a lot of my friends are from everywhere around the country. It’s going to be amazing to all be together and getting to see each other perform. Also Perth is my hometown so anytime I get to come back is a good time!” - Michael Wheatley

“I’ve been a part of every PIBF since its inception in 2012, so my loyalty to the festival and the scene that got me to where I am today is strong! I’m looking forward to seeing my burlesque family from all across the country descend on Perth, like a really glamorous reunion!” - Ruby Slippers

I am super excited for PIBF to be back, it's such a great event for our local burlesque scene bringing people together to share this crazy art form we all love. What aren't I looking forward to to be honest?! Performing on such a prestigious local stage with so many phenomenal local, interstate and international performers is going to be amazing! I can't wait to connect with old friends and new. Also, I will 100% be the awkward kid fangirling over Sweatpea, not gonna lie, what a legend!” - Lucy Lovegun

“I expect a big celebration full of lights, glitters and a lot of sensuality. I’m excited to have fun on stage and learn from the other performers I will meet!” - Teresa Rugo

“Boston Burlesque is going to my chance to hit the stage for PIBF and give it everything that I've got. Also, road tripping with a bunch of burlesquers is guaranteed to be an absolute riot of a time!!” - Bobbie Sox

Bettie Bombshell photographed by Joel Devereux

Bettie Bombshell photographed by Joel Devereux

Where do you think the future of burlesque is heading?

“I think think my favourite thing about burlesque is, it's wonderfully unpredictable. It is whatever it wants to be, and whatever we want it to be. We are covering some incredibly important topics that have clearly been swept under the rug for far too long and I am constantly learning about what I can do, what we can do as a community, and how we can ALL be better. We are actively protecting this safe, inclusive, artistic, space by addressing the issues that are important. We are not just simply here, we are taking up space, we are yelling from the top of our lungs and we won't be stopping any time soon! It's looking bright friends, and I can't wait to see what kind of future we create.” - Bettie Bombshell

“Great question! I would love to see the community continuing to grow as an inclusive space with shows and producers giving opportunities for all kinds of performers to showcase their unique take on burlesque, whilst also educating the public that burlesque isn't just the feathers and faff of the past. That is partly how the Shimmy Showgirl Collective was born, we wanted to provide a space for all performers to feel safe, supported and included regardless of cultural background, size, age, gender, etc. I love that burlesque is such an all-encompassing genre of performance. I think we are in a great place right now where there are such a huge variety of performers with amazing talents and so many stories to tell through burlesque. I am excited for what is to come in the burlesque industry.” - Camilla Cream

“ I'd love to see more of the Australian burlesque schools collaborating and more events like Congress on Undress. But who knows what the future holds, all I know is that I'll be there for the ride!” - Cello Bordello

Lucy Lovegun photographed by Chayla Taylor

Lucy Lovegun photographed by Chayla Taylor

“I’m not sure where burlesque is heading but it feels like it’s certainly growing and in a very positive way. I do believe it’s becoming more and more mainstream and I love that. It’s such an incredibly broad art form seeped in history yet always present and constantly reinventing it’s own future.” - Michael Wheatley

“I love how the community has embraced how multifaceted burlesque can be - its never any one thing, and the best pieces are always collisions of worlds - dance, drag, film, circus, theatre etc. The more facets a gem has, the more it sparkles, so I believe the future is going to be a real sparkly one.” - Ruby Slippers

“The world of burlesque is such a beautifully diverse genre, it's evolving and growing in different directions every day. I think the future of burlesque is limitless bound only by our creativity and voice, and that's really friggin' exciting. Burlesque is freedom of expression through performance art and we get to choose how we share that with the world; the opportunity to create new, exciting, subversive art can be endless. In an increasingly ‘woke’ society I hope our community continues to thrive and become an even more inclusive environment and a safe space to continue to express ourselves, and schmear our own brands of sexual paste across the stages of the world. I for one can't wait to go along for the wild ride and watch where the future of burlesque goes!” - Lucy Lovegun

“Burlesque is going from strength to strength. We’re seeing more independent shows popping up and a constant stream of new faces which brings new ideas, more creativity, and that can do nothing but inspire. I love it!” - Bobbie Sox

See all these fabulous performers in the flesh at any of out PIBF 2019 events!