10 Questions with Tiki Queen Vintage


There’s plenty of precious gems to be found in WA – Diamonds, Red Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Canary Diamonds and Opals (oh my!) – We’ve got one of WA’s best hidden gems as a Sponsor for 2019.

And she’s all about good vintage!

Tiki Queen Vintage has been a must on any good vintage shopper’s list since 2013. Better known as Tiffi Longstocking on local stages, Tiff has been collecting pieces for more than 25 years. What started as a garage sale event has grown into regularly providing a personal and fun shopping experience, along with providing more fabulous original vintage finds!

We’re excited to see what Tiki Queen Vintage will bring PIBF as she styles some members of the PIBF team over the Festival weekend.

We took a peek inside Tiff’s collection, in between playing dress ups we asked the Tiki Queen what she’s got planned to wear during the PIBF weekend:

You started Tiki Queen Vintage officially in 2013, when was the moment you realised your vintage collection *might* be too big to handle?

Tiffi Longstocking photographed by David Woolley

Tiffi Longstocking photographed by David Woolley

I’m originally from South Australia & moved to WA in 2004. Never being able to say put for long & moving 7 times in ten years, it was my last move in 2013 (before finally settling in Attadale), that I realised the collection which I have gathered myself since the late 1980’s with help from my mum had gotten to be a bit ridiculous! Most of the items I couldn’t wear anymore & I knew they needed to be shared with people who could enjoy them as much as I did.

We all played dress-ups growing up, do you think people still get joy from it, years later?

I’m a big believer in never growing up too much. We should always continue to play, even as we get older. Never lose the child in us! I see it all the time with my Tiki Queen clients. The joy they get from coming to my Tiki Boo Tiki alone or with friends & just having a laugh. It’s such fun. It’s also why I enjoy burlesque. The chance to dress up, become a new character, & for me & my joy of comedy burlesque, to make people laugh & smile.

What’s your advice to someone who hasn’t been vintage shopping, or shopped for pre-loved pieces before?

Check zips!! Haha. Sometimes I get excited about a beautiful piece at a great price, don’t do a thorough check of the garment, get home &… “oh no”!

Also check for holes, rips & stains. If you or someone you know is good at sewing you can generally fix things, but if you discover something you have brought home is unfixable it’s so disappointing!

Get to know label era’s. If you are shopping for a particular era the label type will let you know whether it is genuine…..& European made garments are generally the best quality.

You’re a Perth local - what are you most excited for when PIBF re-launches in October?

The glamour, glitter, sparkles & costumes! Also hopefully getting some of my collection shared with others! It’s great to see non-local acts & I’m looking forward to some fun workshops!

Do you have a favourite or most treasured piece?

Oh my…so many of my finer vintage are treasures! One of my favourite pieces was recently sold to a super high-end vintage store in NSW. It was a “Jackie ‘O” style suit from the late 50’s, early 60’s. It was produced by a couture fashion designer in Melbourne who used only the finest of materials. It was sourced by my mother years ago & she passed it onto me. I don’t think it had ever been worn. I’m glad it’s gone interstate as we just don’t have that sort of vintage buyer in Perth unfortunately.

I also own a two-piece ladies suit from 1947. It was given to me by the original owner in about 1989. She had it made for her honeymoon, wore it once, then it got passed to me years later. I used to wear it to job interviews & it was always a topic of conversation! Another favourite which is part of my personal vintage collection is a red jewelled & sequinned vintage circus costume which features floor length fringing. You may see the Sugar Duchess looking fab in this piece during the festival!

Some of your pieces have made it on to the stage, how does that make you feel?

Seeing my vintage being enjoyed by others always makes me happy. It’s a crime if such beautiful vintage isn’t shared. I’m sure the vintage piece is always feeling as proud as me when it’s in the limelight once more, haha

Visitors to your Tiki “Boo Tiki” can visit your Tiki Garden – what can they expect? Any additions planned?

I’m so proud of my Tiki Garden! This was initially a birthday present from my partner Matt whose passion for creating beautiful gardens is as great as my passion for vintage. The garden was made with salvaged verge collection plants & house rubble that was left over after renovations. My working 7ft volcano which is the garden centre piece was created purely from house rubble & painted with old paint from the garage. Why pay for skip bins & to dump stuff when you can be so creative with it instead?

I see the Tiki Garden, which is accessed through the shop, as an extension of the shop. We have placed hooks around the garden to hang things from. Future additions to the garden include outdoor shelving which was sourced when the Planet Video store in Mount Lawley closed down. I also want to add more bamboo shade for protection during the warmer months. I want to create a beautiful space for partners to sit & relax & enjoy reading a great book or vintage magazine while their significant other enjoys playing dress-ups!

What would be your top two tips for caring for original vintage pieces?

Probably use moth control! Those little buggers can be the downfall of a beautiful piece. There’s not much you can do once a moth has gone through your collection & there is non-stinky options available to buy now. Your clothes don’t need to smell like moth balls!

Next is give your clothes some air & sunshine. We all know vintage can get stinky. Put it on a hanger & get it out in the sunshine sometimes. When we have nice weather & I’m out in the garden I like to open up the doors in the shop & just let the breeze flow through.

If you could source an outfit for one of our PIBF headliners – who would you dress? What would they be wearing?

I would love to dress Chris Oh. I have so many over the top dresses I could see him in. One that stands out in my mind is an amazing 1960’s vintage pink sequinned formal dress that screams Dianna Ross. It was formerly owned by a gorgeous gal of burlesque & is a real treasure.

Tiffi Longstocking photographed by David Woolley

Tiffi Longstocking photographed by David Woolley

Where can we catch the Tiki Queen herself at PIBF this year?

Probably roaming around like a creeper checking everyone is on vintage par at gala events, haha. Seriously though I really fancy Chris Oh’s workshop “Be the Pastie”. I think it could really add something special to my crazy burlesque persona, Tiffi Longstocking.

Nothing to wear? No problem - visit Tiki Queen!

Tiff will be styling The Sugar Duchess and other member of the PIBF team and Lineup at the Tease Factory, Gala and Glitter Crash After Party. Don’t miss getting your tickets for any of the fabulous 2019 performance events, including Boston Burlesque or our exclusive Headliner and Sponsor workshops.

Not in Perth? No problem!

You can nab a fabulous find at a reasonable price point via the Tiki Queen website, Facebook and Instagram.

Perth locals can arrange a personal or group shopping trip via appointment at the Tiki “Boo Tiki” in Attadale.

Get in contact with Tiff by via the Tiki Queen Vintage website, on Facebook or on Instagram at @tiki_queen_vintage