the beehives go go dancers

perth, wa

Meet the ever growing 60s Go Go dance troupe; The Beehives Dancers. These girls know how to shake it up baby, now when they Twist and Shout. They know how to boney maroney whilst doing the pony and they sure can (do the) wibble wobble in the very best way. 

They shimmy and shake while walking the dog, and are always up getting up to Monkey business. These are The Beehives; Big Haired ladies with their retro-hearts and dancing feet firmly planted in the 1960s. Feel free to ask them to dance - the problem will be getting them to stop.

The Beehives Go Go Dancers will be performing at the following event: 

Glitter, Garters & Tease & Festival After Party - Saturday 25th June 2016

Check out The Beehives Go Go Dancer's Facebook page here! 

Photo by Chayla Taylor


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