Bobbie Sox and Ava St. James

Perth, WA

50% beard and 50% legs, the swinging sensation that is Sox & St. James are all class (and a little bit of ass). These two speakeasy sweethearts are a sexual time machine, transporting you back to Prohibition era Harlem and with their spirited vintage jazz reawakening! 

Ava St. James, a good-time girl with a deliciously dark streak, and Bobbie Sox, the dapper gentry with charm a-plenty, combined they are greater than the sum of their sumptuous parts. Wine and Cheese. Whiskey and Cigars. Sox & St. James.

Bobbie Sox & Ava St. James will be performing at the following event: 

Peep Shows - 26th June 2016

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Photo by David Woolley


The 5th Annual Festival of
Burlesque, Cabaret, Circus & Variety
in Perth Western Australia

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